Building Dreams With Us!

What to Expect when building your vehicle with us.

We begin with a preliminary design meeting where budget and desired outcomes are discussed. An initial outline of the job is created.

We do not rush any aspect of our builds every detail is as important as the next and attention to these details is our key focus to ensure we deliver a fully functional vehicle completed to the highest degree in a stress free transparent process.

A deposit will be collected for any major components. After that, it’s time and materials. As the project progresses, scope and costs evolve. It’s to be expected. Classic vehicles are full of surprises by nature. Throughout the process, we are transparent, straightforward, and honest. We value our client relationships above all else and work hard to build and maintain trust and complete satisfaction.

We bill for time and materials. We bill every two weeks. Payment is due on receipt.

Your money goes to your project. A deposit will be required for big-ticket components. Parts and materials purchased without deposit are due for reimbursement at the end of each billing cycle. We add 5% of labor billed for consumables. This covers items such as small hardware, wiring supplies, chemicals, solvents, grinding/sanding media, welding supplies, rags, etc. This cost-effective method saves the team time so they can stay productive and focused.

Give us a call or an Email or better yet swing by the shop to discuss your project.
See you at the shop soon!